Friday, June 24, 2011

suka@iphone says Thank You to Nuffnang


I have been blogging off and on for the past 1 to 2 yrs and i must say that its been tough and exciting at the same time. It is indeed nice to see when what you do pays off and you get a little bit satisfaction from it, Nuffnang just gave me my 1st Buffered Earning.I also owe this to my followers and would like to say THANK YOU!!! for visiting and leaving you footsteps on my blog. This is overall very exciting and new to me and i hope that i will be able to provide better contents and updates. Suka@iphone will be having its 1st giveaway soon. My Dear fellow bloggers please stay tune to and will keep you updated.

p.s: Please comment if you have any suggestions.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GSC Cinema Application

 They say iPhone has the capability to wonders. Well here is one of the reasons why, Booking your movies made easy with this GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) application. There are about 4 steps and you are done, Its simple and fast, well its network dependent though, and your payment can be made through Maybank2u or via PayPal. My rating for this app is 8/10.