Thursday, July 14, 2011

iSniper 3D

You are a global anti-terrorist organization and all you have is your trusted M21 sniper riffle. This game is seriously good. Thank you Mankete for testing out the game.

-intuitive and exhilarating gameplay
-incredibly detailed full 3D battle fields
-super easy tap and tilt control
-classic hold-your-breath mode
-world`s greatest sniper rifles
-upgradeable weapons
-multiple modes: arcade and challenge modes
-multiple difficulties: easy, normal, and hard


  1. ok la bro..mcm senang je ..ahaahah

    APa2 pon AVA the best bro..

  2. AVA tak boleh masuk poket bro..hehehe.

  3. ahahahahha... ok la ok la game ni best sebab leh letak poket n di bwk ke kedai mamak skali ahahha