Saturday, May 22, 2010

Your 4G iphone.

This is just a rumor..we will just have to wait and see.

The new iPhone 4G is coming in summer, and this iPhone 4G prototype hardware photo is the proof of that. What we don’t know is whether or not Apple will release a Verizon iPhone 4G. Type in “iPhone” in Google, and the first suggestion you get is “Verizon iPhone”. This definitely indicates that many users want a Verizon iPhone.

A Verizon iPhone 4G release date doesn’t seem likely this June, however The Wall Street Journal has said that Apple may release two iPhones in June, and one of them will support Verizon’s CDMA network. This is just a rumor, and as you know there are many rumors when it comes to Apple’s upcoming products. You never know what they release until they actually release it. Even if Apple releases a Verizon iPhone this June, it won’t be on the 4G network because Verizon’s 4G network won’t be ready until 2011

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Push To Talk with your Iphone

Push-to-talk is probably the most effective way for a group to communicate in realtime, and iPTT delivers just that (and more). iPTT is a simple but powerful push-to-talk app designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch . Whether you're interested to socialize, discuss special interests or as productivity tool for your teams, iPTT has been built with your needs in mind. And unlike traditional push-to-talk networks iPTT's network spans the entire globe and joining is currently free!

iPTT features two modes: Public and Whisper. In Public mode everybody on the channel you're tuned into will hear you when you speak (aka having "the floor"). Whisper mode, on the other hand, allows for private one-to-one conversation between individual users on the same channel.

So give iPTT a try and let us know what you think, and don't forget to tell your friends about it.

Over and out!

follow the steps below to download the application and install.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 to Get Facebook Integration

Apple plans to fuse basic Facebook functionality into the core operating system of its next-generation iPhone expected this summer, according to hackers who have dismantled the OS. The new functionality is said to include the ability to integrate your Facebook contacts into the iPhone's address book; use Facebook profile pictures for your iPhone contacts; and sync Facebook Events with your calendar. Hackers recently discovered the rumored features on a jailbroken iPhone running iPhone OS 4.0, the new iPhone OS was released earlier this month as a developer preview.

The iPhone OS 4.0 Facebook integration was first discovered, believe it or not, by the Gunning For Safety blog, a product marketing site developed for a class project by a team of Boston University students. Later, gadget blog Engadget said it also found in iPhone OS 4.0 the same .plist files referenced by Gunning for Safety.

Facebook As Feature

If the rumors are true, the decision to bring basic Facebook functionality into the iPhone shows the growing importance of social networking for the current generation of smartphones.

Motorola's Motoblur--a UI overlay for the manufacturer's Android-based devices such as the Cliq--integrates your social networking accounts with your device's contacts manager, but also includes a constantly changing home screen that shows your friends' new status updates, uploaded photos and other social networking activity. Microsoft just launched a Motoblur-like device called Kin. And the company's upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system will also integrate social networking information into the contacts section of upcoming Windows 7 devices. Considering that many iPhone competitors are embracing social networking as a core part of the mobile device experience, it's no surprise that Apple would want to capitalize on this trend as well.

The rumored iPhone Facebook integration is based on a new iPhone framework called "SocialKitInternal.framework," which some have theorized could also be used to include deeper integration with other social networks such as Twitter and MySpace.

-source taken from pcworld-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Most of the mobile phones use litium-ion battery. The Apple made iPhone also uses a same standard and frequently rechargeable lithium-ion dry battery. In Apple ipod battery is not removable or replaceable. Therefore it is essential that a great care be taken to preserve battery condition in the best possible available way. Because battery cannot be replace by an ordinary technician so an expert can only replace the iPhone battery. Replacement of iPhone battery is an expensive affair; it normally cost $80 to 200 to get it replaced. A great care is needed to extend the life of iPhone battery to enjoy utility of it.

There are few basic guidelines, which help us to keep our battery safe. First and foremost rule to protect a battery is to keep it away from moistures environment. Do not drop it and lend in different people hands. Never keep the battery for overcharging and on exhaustive discharging condition. If there are any symptoms of malfunctioning of the iPhone, consult an expert without a self-fiddling. These batteries and sets are very sensitive and fragile, it is advised to handle the iPhone with a single hand.

An iPhone battery can be made durable by taking these precautions. A lithium ion battery is a standard and high quality battery, which can easily be made to be used for a few years if a proper care and precautions is taken. There is no such battery, which can last forever; it just means that a care makes battery to last longer. Heat is a plague for a lithium battery so it should be avoided in all conditions. Intense ionization takes place in the lithium battery and heat destroys its ability of ionization. Instructions are given in the iPhone booklet to avoid the continuous exposure of iPhone to the sunlight. The battery will be sufficiently hot to get destroyed in few hours.

There are the examples that in the after noon sun light has severely damaged iPhone battery. Leaving battery in the car exposed to sunlight can also damage the battery. Always make sure that standard charger supplied with the set charges iPhone battery. It will not only ensure you iPhone's warranty, but also keep the iPhone safe from damage. Lithium-ion batteries need to be charged with an accurate charging rate and smooth voltage without any interruptions. Local chargers won't provide the regulated voltage, which can slowly degrade the quality of the iPhone battery. Avoid charging iPhone battery in vehicle. These chargers are not accurate and charge the battery quickly, and it adversely affects the battery. Although Apple has developed few vehicle chargers, but these chargers are not as good as a charger provided with original equipment manufacturer. It's true; a little care makes an accident rare.

Author: Ian Ball is an expert on the mobile communications industry, phone contract