Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Iphone Evolution

iPhone was announced on on January,2007 and it was released on June,2007. Time magazine named it the Invention of

the Year in 2007. And no doubt it’s the world most bestselling mobile phone.iPhone makes the Apple worlds third largest

mobile company following Nokia and Samsung

The Iphone was first announced somtime Jan 2007, and was offically launced somewhere June the same year. Todate the are

3Gen of the iphone:

The 2G
The iPhone 2G only supported WiFi, GSM, and Bluetooth. This means its speed surfing the Internet were quite limited

The 3G
The iPhone 3G introduced 3G speeds to Apple’s flagship model, and it also supports WiFi, GSM, and Bluetooth. This makes for

a better experience surfing, watching Youtube videos, and downloading data onto the phone from the Internet

The 3Gs
iPhone 3GS for Speed and not the 3GC for "compass" or 3GV for "video recording." Speed is the central upgrade here, and

probably is the single biggest reason you would upgrade to a 3GS from a 3G. And if you're coming in as a virgin iPhone

user, there's definitely no question: The 3GS is worth an extra.

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