Friday, January 29, 2010

The Iphone or The Blackberry?

Have you been having problems deciding on which device would suit you better? Let me give some inside on both the products..

I currently an Iphone user and I work as a Blackberry Support Engineer. So i have to a certain extend some knowledge of both on an intermediate level.Ok let start with the Iphone then the Blackberry.

Iphone-To me personaly its a awesome device with much features that suits me with my lifestyle.

1) The main thing about the Iphone is its application, if you browse to the itunes store would find thousands of apps for you to download instantly some free some payable.

2)The feature and the interface of the device is awesomely nice.I love the texture and the smoothness of the screen, the touch feel a 9/10.I have used other touch sreen devices but still prefer the Iphone.

3) The email configuration is very simple and straight forward.And you can integrate up to 20 emails.

4) I love the tip and trick on the Iphone, for example the screen shot option is very useful when i was at one time giving 1st time users training on the in and outs of the device.

5) The accelarometer work amazingly and the smoothness is just sweet.

6) The Iphone simply has the WOW!! factor in it.

The Blackberry - Its feature are mainly on email services, and the security that comes along with, NO! other device offer such.

1) The Blackberry offers the best email features that no other device does.The feel and the outlook of the device is very nice.

2) The Blackberry security feature is the best of its kind which offers Tripledes security. Well just for example you dont see the President or any world leader using the Iphone and if they do hold a device it would definately be a Blackberry!

3) The integration of the email is a little bit tideous simply because of the security that comes together with with service.

4) It offers up 10 email account for you to integrate.

5) The blackberry will come up with patches or new updated software on a regular basis which is good cause they work on closing and rectifying all problems that user of the device has.

6) The learning curve for the Blackberry is about 2weeks to get yourself familiarize with the device. Once you have learned the basic navigation of the device then its a device you will love.

So there you have it, the differences and it actually boils down to what your preference is and depending on your lifestyle.

Please feel free is you have any questions on Blackberry or Iphone. I would love to help. You can leave a comment or send me an email.

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